Yayasan Sejahtera Commitment to Whistleblowing Policy

Yayasan Sejahtera’s Whistleblowing Policy provides all employees and members of the public with a secure mechanism for reporting suspected compliance violations.

The policy and procedures apply to all Board of Trustees, employees, contractors, volunteers and any related parties of Yayasan Sejahtera. It encompasses all aspects of the organization’s operations, including its offices, programs, projects and activities.

It is the responsibility of all Board of Trustees, Management and employees to comply with Yayasan Sejahtera’s policies and all applicable laws and regulations. This includes reporting any violations or suspected violations of these policies or laws in accordance with this Whistleblower Policy. and report violations or suspected violations in accordance with this Whistleblower Policy. 

Anyone who knows or is aware of any improper conduct committed within Yayasan Sejahtera is encouraged to report such matters, in good faith without fear of reprisal.

Protection of Whistleblower

1.Yayasan Sejahtera committed to providing comprehensive protections to whistleblowers who disclose improper conduct in good faith. The organization recognizes the importance of maintaining confidentiality and ensuring that whistleblowers are not subjected to any form of retaliation.

2.The following protections will be provided to whistleblowers:

a) Confidentiality of identity – Yayasan Sejahtera will make every effort to keep the identity of the whistleblower confidential unless required by law or necessary for the investigation.

b) Immunity from civil liability for the disclosure made.

c) Protection from detrimental action – Yayasan Sejahtera will take all necessary measures to protect whistleblowers from any detrimental action, including but not limited to harassment, demotion, suspension or termination.

Process of Submitting Disclosure

Any disclosure of improper conduct involving Yayasan Sejahtera must be made to the relevant Designated Persons via the communication channels recognised by Yayasan Sejahtera. The disclosures shall be made in writing and provide sufficient details which includes type or description of improper conduct, name of the individuals committed or involved in the improper conduct and the ‘how’, ’what’ and ‘where’ in relation to the improper conduct including supporting documents or evidence available.

Further information on Yayasan Sejahtera Whistleblowing Policy, please refer here.


WhistleBlower Policy-05


Make disclosure to reporting channel

WhistleBlower Policy-06

Whistleblowing Committee

To verify and evaluate disclosure and decide whether to be investigated

WhistleBlower Policy-07


A neutral fact-finding process for the investigation

WhistleBlower Policy-06

Whistleblowing Committee

The Committee will provide unbiased conclusion from facts, recommend and endorse next steps

WhistleBlower Policy-08


Implementation of corrective or preventive actions 



Whistleblower will be notified on the outcome of disclosure