Bachok & Pasir Puteh, Kelantan

The Small Grants is a series of projects that provideĀ support to hardcore poor families with existing small businesses to develop them to become a sustainable livelihood. The first Small Grants project was conducted in 2011 and had seen up to 60% increase in participantsā€™ incomes. In 2013, Small Grants 2.0 was developed with additional elements such as training sessions on financial management and regular mentoring by the implementing partner, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. For the second Small Grants project, cooperation was seen among the participants on top of an increase in income.

The previous Small Grants projects had paved the way for the development of Small Grants 3.0 in 2015. A total of 54 beneficiaries received assistance in terms of equipment and tools for the economic activities that they are involved with, as well as technical and soft skills training sessions conducted by various programme partners, including Pasir Mas Community College, Department of Agriculture for Bachok District and 1Malaysia Rural Internet Centers (Pusat Internet 1Malaysia). The implementation of the project concluded in August 2016, recording an increase in income for 72.2% of the beneficiaries, with 42.6% of them getting average monthly incomes that are more than RM790, which is above the poverty line.


  • Equipment and Tools

  • Motivational Course

  • Technical Skills Training

  • Business Skills Training

  • Monitoring

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