Wakaf Che Yeh, Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu was inundated with water during the 2014 flood in the East Coast, which was being regarded as the worst in the history of the state. One of the many critical areas affected by the disastrous flood was Wakaf Che Yeh, where many traders have to face the tough challenge of recovering the loss of their businesses. Besides the flood, their loss was also due to unscrupulous individuals who took advantage of the situation to break into business premises in the area, leaving many of them devastated in trying to pick up their livelihood that was washed away with the remnants of the disaster.

Yayasan Sejahtera took a step forward in offering a helping hand to the traders affected in supporting them through the post-flood period in order for them to recover from the loss and regain their momentum in their businesses. Targeting 50 beneficiaries from various business backgrounds, the project started in March 2015. The beneficiaries received assistance in terms of equipment and tools support for the business, as well as skills and business training to motivate and enhance their business acumen.

Support provided: Equipment/Tools for business, Motivational training, Monitoring, Business Training (Bookkeeping & Marketing).

Overall, the project was successful in helping the beneficiaries to increase their average monthly income, and approximately 88.3% of the participants generated an average additional monthly income above the poverty line, exceeding the target of 70%. The project also led to successful networking among the participants, sparking creativity and creating opportunities for the beneficiaries in accelerating their business forward for their future

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