Kg. Suang Punggor, Kota Belud Sabah

In paving a path towards poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth, Yayasan Sejahtera embarked on a project to empower women in Kota Belud, Sabah to pursue economic activities in support of their family incomes. Targeted to improve the livelihood of 75 households, WEE Suang Kina project started in July 2015 to provide a community-based platform for the women in Kampung Suang Kina and surrounding villages namely Kampung Suang Punggor, Kampung Kulambai, Kampung Kulambai Dundau, Kampung Song Song and Kampung Kuala Abai to work together in groups to generate income.

A workshop was built in Kampung Suang Punggor to be the base of operations for the project, equipped with the equipment and tools needed by the beneficiaries to work on the two main activities selected by the participants, namely sewing/crafts and cooking/baking. A series of skills training for both areas and a general session on financial literacy and bookkeeping were organised for the beneficiaries to help them with their ventures.

The project was concluded in December 2016, with final total of 52 participants directly benefitting from the programmes. 32 participants successfully generated additional income for their families, giving them the chance to improve their livelihoods.

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